Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are quick and easy maintenance procedures that can have a big impact on the performance of your Toyota. Not only does fresh oil help the engine run smoothly, but regular oil and filter changes can affect everything from fuel economy to emissions output. If your vehicle is due for a service, then get in touch with Toyota of Elizabeth City. Our experts will give your Toyota the care that it deserves.

Why Get an Oil Change?

Even if your car is running like clockwork, it’s well worth your time to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. Motor oil flows through the engine to lubricate the pieces as your vehicle chugs along. This slippery liquid can prevent friction from building up, so the engine can cool properly. The filter aids with this process by removing dirt and debris that can clog the mechanisms. Over time, both the oil and filter grow less efficient.

What Can I Expect During an Oil Change?

The mechanics of Toyota of Elizabeth City utilize their certified expertise and high-quality parts to make sure that your service is up to our rigorous standards. During an oil and filter change, your certified mechanic will drain the old oil from the vehicle and replace it with fresh, genuine motor oil. This ensures that your engine can deliver its optimal performance.

What are the Benefits?

While we’ve already covered a few of the benefits of regular oil changes, here are a few more to convince you to make your appointment:

  • Vehicles with regular oil changes may show higher fuel economy figures when compared to those that neglect regular maintenance
  • Fresh oil produces fewer emissions than older oil, so every drive is a little more eco-friendly
  • If you want to sell your vehicle in the future, a well-maintained vehicle has better resale value

How Can I Schedule My Service?

If you are ready for your oil and filter change, stop by Toyota of Elizabeth City. Every vehicle has a slightly different maintenance schedule, so contact our service department today and we’ll be happy to give you personalized information. You can also leave us a message for more information about our dealership and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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