Toyota Battery Basics

Toyota Battery Basics

A well-maintained battery is integral to enjoying a smooth and reliable ride in your Toyota. If your vehicle has been suffering from false starts, dim lights or electronic malfunctions, it may be time to replace the battery. Battery replacements are a common service that can save you from breaking down or being stranded further down the road. Find out more about the warning signs of poor battery performance below, and then stop by the service department of Toyota of Elizabeth City for a tune-up.

Why Do I Need a New Battery?

Like any other component in your vehicle, batteries undergo a great deal of stress during the daily commute. However, many factors can affect the longevity of your auto battery.

Extreme temperatures can hinder battery performance. Cold weather can place excess strain on the battery during start up, while hot temperatures can lead to faster corrosion. Battery performance also slows with age. If your unit is over three years old, it’s important to get it tested as part of regular maintenance.

What are the Warning Signs?

Pay attention to the performance of your vehicle and watch out for anything unusual. Here are a few common warning signs that you may notice:

  • The cabin lights dim when using the climate control system
  • Obvious corrosion is visible on the unit
  • The warning lights turn on when you start the car
  • The vehicle needs a jump start to hold a charge
  • You experience a slower turnover

These factors indicate that your Toyota may need a new battery. If you’re currently experiencing any one of them, even occasionally, consider scheduling your inspection as soon as possible.

Where Do I Go for Assistance?

If your vehicle needs help, visit the top-notch service department of Toyota of Elizabeth City. Our talented technicians are experts on all things Toyota, so you can count on them to bring out the best in your vehicle. Contact our service department to schedule your battery installation. The friendly and knowledgeable service staff can diagnose the problem or install a new Toyota TrueStart battery quickly to get you back on the road and restore your peace of mind.

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